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File Requirements


Every order you send us should contain one Master folder with your name on it. The Master Folder should contain Sub Folders which in turn contain your images.

Master Folder

This is where we identify your order.


Sub Folders

This is where we find the quantity and size of the images to print. The number before the underscore is the quantity of each image in the sub folder.
The number after the underscore is the size of the image.
In the example we will print one 5x7 of pic2.jpg, pic3.jpg and pic4.jpg. We will print three 5x7's of pic1.jpg.

File Naming

File names must be free from punctuation marks, ie (.,/?<>;:'"!@#$%^&*-=+~). The only such marks that are acceptable are an underscore '_' and the dot before the suffix as in '.jpg', Using punctuation in file names prevents your files from printing.
Very long file names may be truncated. In this case we will see a ~ (tilde) in the name and the file won't print until we remove it. This can result in missed prints. It is best to include only essential information in the file name to enable you to identify your prints from the back-marking.

File Sizing

Just save your file as sRGB at the size you require in inches, and at 250 dpi and your prints will be returned exactly as ordered.

OR  If your images are not cropped to exactly the size and ratio you want, please advise us. We do not inspect files before printing unless requested. Please use the Special Instruction box on the Order Form to request:

(1) FIT images to the paper size, in which case some of your paper may be blank, but your image won't be cropped. Choose this if important elements of the photo are close to the edges. OR

(2) FILL the paper size with your image in which case some of your image may be cropped off. This is often the best choice if the subjects of your photos are centred, and the peripheral detail is unimportant. OR

(3) Digilab can custom crop, resize, check density etc  for a small charge. See our Corrected Prints page for pricing.

In the examples below, both prints would be 5"x7", one with the whole image and some blank paper, and one with the subject cropped. In the absence of Special Instructions, our machine auto crops your image to fill the paper size you requested.

IMPORTANT: Inches are an international convention when printing photographs. All sizes are in inches. eg if you order a "20x30" you will receive inches not centimetres.

Sending Files

If you intend sending files to us by FTP, save them as .jpg (level 7 or above). Please read our FTP requirements.

Back up original files, and send us copies only. We take no responsibility for media such as USB sticks, flash cards etc.

Digilab Professional Photographic Digital Printing Brisbane