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FTP: Requirements

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol is the process of transferring files via Broadband from your computer to a remote site — such as Digilab's server. At Digilab our FTP service is FREE. There is no charge to upload images to us. You will have to contact us for names and passwords.

Save Files as JPG level 9 Baseline at the required print size in sRGB. We have tested extensively and there is no visible loss at level 9. As an example, one 20"x30" print at JPG level 9 saved at 6mb. The same print at JPG level 12 saved at 22mb, a difference of 16mb. A TIFF would be 107mb. The larger sizes slow down your uploads enormously, cost you more, and cost us more to download. If you feel that JPG is "lossy" and prefer TIFF's, we can understand your quest for perfection, but FTP is not for you. Send us a CD - it only takes an extra day. Large PSD & TIFF files will be rejected on FTP.

You need a simple FTP application. We recommend Filezilla as a great free program for PC's and Macs.

Once connected, locate your files for printing and drag them to the Digilab server. If you have any problems feel free to call us.

Orders should be submitted in folders & follow our File Requirements information sheet.

After all files have transferred, you need to fill in our Secure Online Order Form. Note that if you do not use this order form we will not know to look at your FTP address for your images.

The Order Form includes secure payment online. Please don't send us your card details in an email, as the information is not secure. Your encrypted details are downloaded to our FTP computer and then transferred to our Office PC which is not connected to any network or the internet. For convenience most of our clients choose to leave us their card details to use with each order. For more information read our Privacy Policy.

Terms are strictly payment with order.


Save all FTP files at print size as RGB, 8 bit, 250 dpi, Level 9 JPG's.

Digilab Professional Photographic Digital Printing Brisbane