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Digilab Professional Photographic Digital Printing Brisbane

Retouching Service

$75.00 per hour

If you need individal sections of your print burnt or dodged, grass made greener, heads replaced or items removed etc we can help.

Our Service

We work with special areas within your image to enhance the final print. We retouch as a convenient "in-house" service. Although our retouchers are fast and very experienced we are limited by the time we have available. If the job will take too much time we can supply you with the name of a specialist retoucher.

Specific Instructions

If you have special requirements, full written instructions are to be supplied. Include a guide print or diagram if it will help us.

Artist's Discretion

If you prefer to leave it to our artists to correct and enhance your print, the corrections will be at our artist's discretion and will be final unless a test strip is ordered.

Test strips & Final Prints

Test strips may be ordered for evaluation. We print test strips at the output size of the print ordered. You can check the alterations to your image. Each strip is $10.00 and your final image will not be printed until we recieve your ok.


A poor image may not be able to be retouched as required. We will evaluate your image and let you know if your requirements are possible. Exact colour matching to prints or samples from an outside source is NOT available.

Service Time

Add 5 days to our normal service times.

Digilab Professional Photographic Digital Printing Brisbane