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School and Group Photographs

We build School and Team Group templates, & Portrait Packs to your requirements. As there are so many variations possible, please contact us for ideas and prices. If you wish to start using this service but are not sure where to start, ask one of our staff members.


Supply us with a Digital image of each group, the colours of the school, a school logo, and all the names in the correct order and your choice of font in a Word file. The most used print has the photo at 5.5"x8" in a box at the top of an 8"x10" print, with the names in another box underneath the photo. Almost any variation is possible. Contact us for more complete details.

Portrait Packs

Supply us with a
File Ready 5"x7" print of each child with their name as the file name. We will do the rest. We have some standard templates to show you, but once again, almost anything is possible. For more a more detailed explanation of how Digilab can help you with your package printing needs, please refer to our Package Printing guide

All images need to have uniform cropping, colour and density. If you shoot carefully, paying attention to white balance and consistent framing in the camera you can save a lot of problems later on. Do not shoot too tightly, as the format of your camera may not suit the format you choose for your finished prints.

Service Time: 7 days in lab - Rush service is available. Please see our File Ready and Order pages for more information.

Digilab Professional Photographic Digital Printing Brisbane